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Inner Ring Road near Toumba (K9)

The Thessaloniki Inner Ring Road (Greek: Εσωτερική Περιφερειακή οδός Θεσσαλονίκης) is a dual carriageway ring road encircling most of the Thessaloniki Urban Area in Central Macedonia, Greece. Planned in 1975 and put into service in the 1990s, it consists of the Western Ring section (Δυτική Περιφερειακή), and of the main Inner Ring section (Greek: Εσωτερική Περιφερειακή). With three lanes per direction it carries over 120.000 cars per day, making it one of the country's most busy highway sections.


The Western Ring section (National Road 11) starts at a coastal spur highway, the Thessaloniki New Western Entrance (signposted as part of the A2 motorway). Passing by the municipalities Ampelokipoi-Menemeni, Kordelio-Evosmos and Pavlos Melas it joins the A24 motorway (PromachonasNea Moudania) near Efkarpia. The Western Ring section is currently being further upgraded to full Motorway standard with three new intersections being built[1] and is planned to be renamed A121 motorway upon completion.[2]

The A24 motorway forms the 21km main section of the Inner Ring. Following the outline of the city's eastern periphery, it separates the city from the forests of Kedrinos Lofos (Cedar Hill) known as "Seich Sou" (Sheikh's water). When the road was planned in the 1970s, this fact drew massive protests by what would become the country's pioneer environmentalist movement, the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki.

In southern Thessaloniki, A123 motorway forms a short extension of the Thessaloniki Inner Ring connecting it with National Road 16 and the Thessaloniki Airport.

Exit list[edit]

Regional unit Part of Exit Name Destinations Notes
Thessaloniki K16 Kalochori interchange Autokinetodromos A2 number.svg New Western Entrance (future A122)
GR-EO-11.svg[2] K17 Monastiriou St. [el] GR-EO-2.svg
Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - K-20.svg
25 March St., Evosmos
Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - K-20.svg
Meandros St., Evosmos
Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - K-20.svg
Makriyannis St., Stavroupoli
Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - K-20.svg
K18 Langadas St. [el], Stavroupoli GR-EO-2.svg
Traffic Sign GR - KOK 2009 - K-20.svg
K5 Efkarpia cont. Autokinetodromos A24 number.svg
Autokinetodromos A24 number.svg[3] K6 Polichni
K7 Kastra
K7A Agios Pavlos
K8 Triandria
K9 Ano Toumpa
K10 Pylaia/Malakopi
K11 Pylaia/Panorama
K12 Kalamaria interchange cont. Autokinetodromos A24 number.svg
Autokinetodromos A123 number.png[4] Poseidonos
Ethnikis Antistaseos GR-EO-16.svg


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