Thessaly Football Clubs Association

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Thessaly Football Clubs Association
Founded 1929
President Periklis Laskarakis
Website (Greek)

The Thessaly Football Clubs Association (TFCA) (Ένωση Ποδοσφαιρικών Σωματείων Θεσσαλίας, ΕΠΣΘ = Enosi Podosfairikon/Podosferikon Somateion/Somation Thessalias/Thesalias, EPSTh) is a football (soccer) organization in the Magnesia prefecture that is part of the Greek Football Federation.


Thessaly FCA was founded in 1929 with its headquarters in Volos and the main power took part in soccer clubs throughout Thessaly. Later on, it founded separate association for three other prefectures: Larissa, Trikkala and Karditsa and the responsibility of TFCA remained only for the football (soccer) clubs in Magnesia. The association has now around 50 clubs.

Basic organizations of the TFCA is the local football (soccer) championship divided into three divisions and the Thessaly (Magnesia) Cup in which clubs from local divisions, the club-member of the prefecture that plays in the Fourth Division and the main awards of the prefecture's club that plays in higher categories including the First, the Second and the Third.

The champions of the TFCA enters the Fourth Division.

The cup championship of the TFCA plays in the Greek Cup.

The TFCA councils youth and children's championships, the women's football (soccer) club and the Mixed Thessaly Football Clubs Association which has matches with clubs from the other associations.

The TFCA include its honors for the greatest scorer and the teams with the highest points fair play in every division.


Year Winner
1981 Toxotis Volos
1982-86 unknown
1987 Aris Melissatiko
1988 Kentavros Argalasi
1989 Almyros
1990 Iraklis Volos
1991 Sarakinos Volos
1992 Thiseas Agria
1993 Dafni Volos
1994 Iraklis Volos
1995 Rigas Feraios Velestino
1996 Almyros
1997 Skiathos
1998 Almyros
1999 Iraklis Volos
2000 Kentavros Argalasti
2001 Almyros
2002 Kentavros Argalasi
2003 Magnisiakos
2004 Almyros
2005 Thisseas Agria
2006 Thiseas Agria
2007 Thiseas Agria
2008 Pyrassos Nea Anchialos
2009 Diminio Iason-Keravnos
2010 Rigas Fereos Velestino
2011 Almyros
2012 not yet played


The 2008-09 season, the TFCA championships includes the clubs of each division:

First Division[edit]

The first division features 18 clubs. The winner enters the Fourth Division. Two or three teams with the lowest points relegates to the second division. Relegated club from the Fourth Division returns to the prefectural first division.

Second Division[edit]

This division features 18 clubs. The winner and the second place runner-up enters the first division. Two or three teams ending up in the last place relegates to the third division.

Third division[edit]

This division contains 12 clubs. The winner and the runner-up enters the second division.

Other teams[edit]

The teams that were in the higher division that were not included in the 2008-09 season are listed here:

Teams in the highest categories[edit]

The power of the TFCA includes six teams in the 2008-09 season in national divisions:

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