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Theta Upsilon Omega (ΘΥΩ), or TUO, was a national collegiate fraternity. Representatives of several local fraternities at a December 1, 1923[1] meeting of the National Interfraternity Conference concluded to form a new national through amalgamation, resulting in the creation of Theta Upsilon Omega on May 2, 1924.


The following nine locals were part of this meeting and concluded to form Theta Upsilon Omega.

In addition, at the Charter Arch Convocation (held at Bucknell on February 21-23, 1924), Pi Rho Phi of Westminster College petitioned for membership and was granted as the youngest charter chapter.[1]

Merle C. Cowden, of Worcester, was chosen first national president.[2]

Additional chapters were chartered, but growth stalled during the Great Depression. In 1938, following negotiations, TUO merged with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Four TUO chapters merged with existing SigEp chapters, and seven others were rechartered as such.[3]

Full chapter list[edit]

The charters as of December 1937 were:[4]

Original chapters[edit]

Additional chapters[edit]


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