Thevis Guruge

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Thevis Guruge
Died 23 July 1989
Occupation Radio Journalist

Thevis Guruge (died 23 July 1989) was a distinguished broadcaster with Radio Ceylon and subsequently the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. He was the first Sinhala Announcer with Radio Ceylon - the oldest radio station in South Asia.

Iconic status[edit]

He enjoyed iconic status alongside other announcers of the station, Guruge was one of the early pioneers particularly where the Sinhala service was concerned. Millions tuned into Radio Ceylon.

Chairman of ITN[edit]

In the 1980s Thevis Guruge was appointed Competent Authority of ITN in Sri Lanka after it was acquired by the government. Guruge was assassinated in 1989 by the JVP, whose uneducated youth squad had threatened him the week before. As he had not bowed to their threats, this visionary chairman met his demise.

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