They Dare Not Love

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They Dare Not Love
"They Dare Not Love" (1941).jpg
Directed by James Whale
Produced by Samuel Bischoff
Written by Charles Bennett
Ernest Vajda
Based on story by James Edward Grant
Starring George Brent
Martha Scott
Paul Lukas
Music by Jacques Belasco (uncredited)
Cinematography Franz Planer
Edited by Al Clark
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release dates
May 16, 1941
Running time
75 min.
Country United States
Language English

They Dare Not Love is a 1941 romantic war drama film directed by James Whale.[1] According to a Hollywood Reporter article, toward the end of production, Charles Vidor took over from director James Whale, who had fallen ill with the flu. But writer Charles Bennett told another source that Whale was fired after the first week, because Columbia decided "he wasn't doing a good job. Which was utterly ridiculous, because James Whale was a magnificent director." [2] They Dare Not Love was Whale's last completed film. He directed a segment of the 1952 RKO Face to Face, "Hello Out There", but it was not included in the released film. [3]


A prince flees Austria when the Nazis take over and settles in London. He encounters a beautiful Austrian émigré who makes him realize his mistake in leaving. He strikes a deal with the Nazis to return in exchange for some Austrian prisoners, but discovers that the Nazis are not to be trusted.


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Critical reception[edit]

The New York Times wrote, "with all the proved talent Columbia put behind the manufacture of "They Dare Not Love" it is hard to understand why the new film at Loew's State should turn out to be the disappointment it is. Granting that James Whale's direction is pedestrian, that the performances of Martha Scott, George Brent and Paul Lukas are no better, we still feel that the root of all evil in this case sprouted back in the story department presided over by Charles Bennett, Ernest Vajda and James Edward Grant. Though the plot they whipped up probably is no more fantastic than some of the things happening in the world today it does not rouse either one's imagination or emotions..."They Dare Not Love" is vapid fare." [4]

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