They Saved Hitler's Brain

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They Saved Hitler's Brain
Directed by David Bradley
Produced by Carl Edwards
Written by Steve Bennett
Peter Miles
Starring Walter Stocker
Audrey Caire
Carlos Rivas
John Holland
Marshall Reed
Music by Don Hulette
Cinematography Stanley Cortez
Edited by Alan Marks
Distributed by Paragon Films Inc.
Release date
1963 (theatrical)
1968 (television)
Running time
91 minutes
Country United States
Language English

They Saved Hitler's Brain is a 1968 science fiction film that was adapted for television from a shorter 1963 theatrical feature film, Madmen of Mandoras, produced by Carl Edwards and directed by David Bradley. The film was lengthened by about 20 minutes with additional footage shot by UCLA students at the request of the distributor.


World War II is over, and Nazi officials remove Adolf Hitler's living head and hide it in the fictional South American country of Mandoras, so that they can resurrect the Third Reich for the future. Fast forwarding into the 1960s, the surviving officials kidnap a scientist in an attempt to keep Hitler alive. Various intelligence agencies, aware of the evil plot, recruit secret agents to bust the Nazi officials.


Parodies in popular culture[edit]

In The Simpsons[edit]

In other media[edit]

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  • In 1986, the movie was featured in an episode of the Canned Film Festival.[1]
  • Upon learning he was dying of radiation poisoning due to the constant exposure from his kryptonite ring, Lex Luthor stages his own death and has his brain preserved in a jar while wired to a computer, while a new body is cloned for him. He then re-emerges as his alleged illegitimate son Alexander Luthor, Jr. The comic arc was titled "They Saved Luthor's Brain".
  • In Futurama, Professor Farnsworth proclaims "Everyone's always in favor of saving Hitler's brain, but when you put it in the body of a great white shark, ooo, suddenly you've gone too far.".
  • In Flaming Carrot Comics, The Flaming Carrot is menaced by an army of disembodied clones of Hitler's jackbooted feet.
  • Hitler's brain is a character in the Irregular Webcomic! series of comic strips.[2]
  • The Dead Kennedys song "We Have a Bigger Problem Now" references Hitler's brain in a jar. The supposed formaldehyde used to preserve Hitler's brain is an ingredient of the Tricky Dicky Screwdriver, a fictional cocktail drink, along with Jack Daniels and purple Kool-Aid.
  • Los Angeles punk band Angry Samoans included the song 'They Saved Hitler's Cock' on their 1982 album Back from Samoa.
  • In the comic book series Savage Dragon, Hitler's brain was attached to a gorilla body to become the villain Brainape. After being separated from the gorilla, the brain forms legs and runs away.
  • An episode of the US cartoon Duckman was entitled "They craved Duckman's brain", based on the premise that Duckman, after falling asleep in an active CAT scanner, developed an isotope in his brain that could cure cancer, but getting to it would kill Duckman.
  • In honor of the film, the area of the now defunct forum set aside for serious discussion was titled "We Saved Hitler's Brain." It, along with the rest of the PWOT forums, was migrated to when editor David Wong was employed by as Senior Editor.
  • Unnatural Axe's 1978 song "They Saved Hitler's Brain" was singer and guitarist Richie Parsons' homage to the film. He says in an interview with Boston Groupie News, " I saw the last 5 minutes of this B movie that was funny as hell. I had no idea what it was about. All I saw was Hitler's Brain in a glass jar in the back of a staff car and the rest I made up."[3]
  • Local H's album Hallelujah! I'm a Bum includes a song titled "They Saved Reagan's Brain."


The film review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes gives They Saved Hitler's Brain a rare rating of 0%, based on 5 reviews from critics, with an average rating of 1.3/10.[4]

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