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Theobald II, Count of Bar (1221– October 1291) was a count of Bar. He was the son of Henry II of Bar and Philippa of Dreux. He became count of Bar when his father was killed in the Holy Land on 13 November 1239 in Theobald of Navarre's Crusade, but news of Henry's death only reached him at the start of 1240. As Theobald was still a minor, his mother ruled as regent until 17 March 1242. Theobald's own children included his successor Henry III and the bishop Reginald of Bar.

Theobald II married twice, first in 1245 to Jeanne of Dampierre, daughter of William II of Dampierre and Margaret II, Countess of Flanders. They were betrothed on 3 May 1243 and married two years later, in March 1245 or on 31 August 1245. The marriage was brief and childless. The next year, in 1246, Theobald married Jeanne de Toucy, daughter of John, Sire de Toucy, de Saint-Fargeau et de Puisaye and his wife Emma de Laval. He had about fifteen children with his second wife.

His children with Jeanne de Toucy were:

  • Henry of Bar, succeeded his father as Henry III, Count of Bar; married Princess Eleanor of England
  • John of Bar, seigneur de Puisaye, married Jeanne of Dreux, daughter of Robert IV of Dreux and Beatrice, Countess of Montfort
  • Charles of Bar, died young
  • Theobald of Bar, elected Bishop of Metz in 1296; bishop of Liège in 1302; killed in battle in Rome on 26 May 1312; buried at St Peter's, Rome
  • Reginald of Bar, canon at Reims, Beauvais, Cambrai, Laon and Verdun; archdeacon at Brussels and Besançon; bishop of Metz in 1302; death by poisoning
  • Erard of Bar, was a monk by 1292 and then seigneur de Pierrepont et d'Ancerville by 1302; married Isabelle of Lorraine, daughter of Theobald II, Duke of Lorraine, and Isabelle de Rumigny; had six children
  • Peter of Bar, seigneur de Pierrefort in 1300; Herr zu Bettingen ("seigneur of Bettingen"), 1326/1334; married firstly Jeanne de Vienne, daughter of Hugues de Vienne, Sire de Longwy et de Pagny (grandson of Isabella of Burgundy); had four children with first wife; married secondly, Eleonore de Poitiers-Valentinois
  • Philippa of Bar, married Otto IV, Count of Burgundy
  • Alice of Bar, married Matthias of Lorraine, seigneur de Beauregard, son of Frederick III, Duke of Lorraine
  • Mary of Bar, married Gobert, Sire d'Aspremont
  • Isabelle of Bar
  • Yolanda of Bar
  • Margaret of Bar
  • Philip of Bar
  • Henrietta of Bar

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