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Thiago David Olson (born 1989) is an electrical engineer and entrepreneur. Olson is the co-founder and CEO of Stratos Technologies, Inc., creators of the Stratos Card. As an electrical engineer Olson became known as a teenager for his research in Nuclear Fusion and Neutron Sciences. As a 17-year-old, attending Stoney Creek High School in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Olson created a homemade nuclear fusion reactor.[1][2][3] In his article Neutron activation analysis using an inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device he indicated that his apparatus did not produce surplus energy.[4]

For this work, he received a first place Special Award given by the AVS/VTD in 2007[3] in connection with a second place prize in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2007, section Physics and Astronomy[5]

He studied at Vanderbilt University and Princeton University.[6] In 2009, he was one of three students to receive a SMART scholarship, which supports students who demonstrate interest in conducting applied research.[7]

Olson works as an electrical engineer at the U.S. Department of Defense.[6]

The minor planet 23262 Thiagoolson has been named after Olson for his research in nuclear fusion and neutron sciences.


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