Thibaud, Dominica

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Thibaud is a village on the northern coast of Dominica. It has a population of approximately 500.

It is a fishing and farming village near Vieille Case and it appears on the earliest detailed map of the island by Thomas Jefferys, in 1768. Thibaud is named after an early French settler, Louis Thibaud, (spelt in the early British texts as Teaubaud) who obtained ten acres from the Caribs in the early 18th century. The community is connected to two bays, one of which, Sandwich Bay, is named after the Fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792). He was a member of the Board of Trade in England, later to become the Colonial Office, at the time that Dominica was ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The other bay is the beaching place for the fishing boats of Thibaud. The school playing field was the site of an Amerindian village. During the post-emancipation period the village grew as labourers from the estates of Moor Park and Blenheim settled there.

Coordinates: 15°36′N 61°24′W / 15.600°N 61.400°W / 15.600; -61.400