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Hsipaw is located in Myanmar
Location in Burma
Coordinates: 22°37′N 97°17′E / 22.617°N 97.283°E / 22.617; 97.283Coordinates: 22°37′N 97°17′E / 22.617°N 97.283°E / 22.617; 97.283
Country  Myanmar
Division  Shan State
Population (2005)
 • Religions Buddhism
Time zone UTC+6.30 (MST)

Hsipaw (Burmese: သီပေါ; Shan: သီႇပေႃႉ; also known as Thibaw), is the principal town of Hsipaw Township in Shan State, Myanmar on the banks of the Duthawadi River. It is 200 km (124 mi) north-east of Mandalay.

Shan Saopha[edit]

Hsipaw State was perhaps one of the most well known and powerful saopha Shan States. According to the biography of Sao Nang Hearn Hkam (the chief wife, Madhidevi of Sao Shwe Thaik, the first president of Myanmar and another saopha of Hsenwi), Hsipaw, along with Kengtung and Yawnghwe were the wealthiest and most powerful saopha states in Shan State.

The Saophas played fluctuating roles in regional Shan and national Burmese politics from the 11th century all the way until the 1962 military coup by General Ne Win.

Hsipaw is famous for the Bowgoy Pagoda, situated in Bowgoy Village about 6 miles far from Hsipaw.

Princes of Hsipaw[edit]

  • Sao Hswe Kya (1788–1809)
  • Sao Hkun Hkwi (1809–1843)
  • Sao Hkun Paw (1843–1853)
  • Sao Kya Htun (1853–1866)
  • Sao Kya Hkeng (1866–1881)
  • interregnum (1881–1886)
  • Sao Hkun Saing (1886–1902)
  • (Sir) Sao Khe (1902–1928)
  • Sao On Kya (1928–1938)
  • Sao Kya Hseng (1947–1959)


  • Sao kon kyar (1962-)

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