Thick Syrup Records

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Thick Syrup Records
Founded2006 (2006)
FounderTravis McElroy
Distributor(s)Blue Collar Distro
GenreIndie rock, experimental rock, avant garde
Country of originU.S.
LocationLittle Rock, Arkansas

Thick Syrup Records is an independent record label from Little Rock, Arkansas. Founded by Travis McElroy in 2006, it specializes in indie rock and underground music.[1] It has released the work of known acts such as Matt Cameron, Jad Fair from Half Japanese, Bob Bert of Sonic Youth, Penn Jillette, Don Fleming and Velvet Monkeys. The label also releases compilation albums with multiple artists.[2]


Thick Syrup Records (TSR) was founded by Travis McElroy in 2005, but the first year was spent on finances and promoting the imprint. The label's first release was 2005’s Gotta Get It Outta Here by Nathan Brown under the moniker Browningham.[3] McElroy's friend Brian Lovell helped with the label early on, and the name was chosen in honor of Lovell swallowing ipecac on a dare from McElroy. Kevin Rogers later began working with the label in Lovell's place.[3]

As of 2013, Thick Syrup has released about 60 albums that include genres as diverse as art punk, low-fi indie rock, experimental exercises, and rock. According to Arkansas Online, "Thick Syrup has helped blaze a proudly twisted musical path all from the humble confines of central Arkansas."[3]


The following is a partial list of artists, past and present, associated with the label:


This incomplete list is organized by catalog number, a roughly chronological number system established by the label and assigned to each release.

No. Artist Title Year
TSR The Tinklers Seven Ways to Sunday 2010
TSR0023 Velvet Monkeys Everything Is Right 2011
TSR0024 Don Fleming Don Fleming 4 2011
TSR Various (Damien Jurado, Matt Cameron, etc.) '78 LTD: Compilation CD 2011
TSR Bob Bert Bewitched - Bob Bert Presents: The Worst Poetry Of 1986 - 1993 2011
TSR0047 Weird Paul Petroskey 25 Lo-Fi Years 2012
TSR Yuri Landman Ensemble That's Right, Go Cats 2012
TSR0059 Weird Paul Petroskey Still Going Strong 2013
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