Thihathura II of Ava

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Thihathura II of Ava
ဒုတိယ သီဟသူရ (အင်းဝ)
King of Ava
Reign 1485 – 4 March 1501
Predecessor Minkhaung II
Successor Minkhaung II
Born c. February 1474
Friday, (Pyatho–Tabaung) 835 ME[note 1]
Died 4 March 1501 (aged 27)
Thursday, 1st waning of Tabaung 862 ME [1]
Consort Elder daughter of Theinkhathu of Salin[2]
Issue Shwe Nawrahta[2]
House Mohnyin
Father Minkhaung II
Mother Atula Thiri Dhamma Dewi[3]
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Thihathura II of Ava (Burmese: ဒုတိယ သီဟသူရ (အင်းဝ); 1474–1501) was the joint-king of Ava who co-reigned with his father Minkhaung II for 15 years. When he was just six, his father ascended to the Ava throne and he was made heir-apparent.[3] In 1485, the 11-year-old was made a co-regent.[note 2] He lived in the same palace with his father, and displayed a white umbrella as a symbol of sovereignty. He co-ruled with his father for 15 years but died a month earlier than his father.[4] Minkhaung, who faced numerous rebellions throughout his reign, made his son joint-king because he wanted to retain loyalty of his son. Minkhaung outlived his son, died in March 1501 and was succeeded by his younger son Shwenankyawshin (Narapati II).[5]


  1. ^ Based on chronicle reporting, he was born sometime between Friday, 4th waning of Pyatho 835 ME (7 January 1474) and Friday, 1st waning of Tabaung 835 ME (4 March 1474). Per Hmannan Yazawin (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 119) he died on 1st waning of Tabaung 862 ME (4 March 1501). It means he was born on or before 1st waning of Tabaung 835 ME (4 March 1474). Moreover, per (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 115), he was made co-king in 847 ME (29 Mar 1485 to 28 Mar 1486) at age 11 (in his 12th year). It means he was born in 1474. Since he was born on a Friday, he was born between the first Friday of 1474 (7 January 1474) and the last Friday in the range (4 March 1474).
  2. ^ (Hmannan Vol. 2 2003: 115): He was in his 12th year, meaning 11 years old in Western counting.


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Thihathura II of Ava
Born: c. February 1474 Died: 4 March 1501
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Minkhaung II
King of Ava
1485 – 4 March 1501
Succeeded by
Minkhaung II
Royal titles
Preceded by
Minkhaung II
Heir to the Burmese Throne
Succeeded by
Narapati II