Thimphu District

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Thimphu Dzongkhag
Thimphu district
Thimphu district
Country Bhutan
DistrictThimphu District
 • TypeConstitutional monarchy
7,640 ft (2,330 m)
 • Total138,736
HDI (2017)0.757[1]
high · 1st

Coordinates: 27°35′N 89°35′E / 27.583°N 89.583°E / 27.583; 89.583

Location of Thimphu dzongkhag within Bhutan

Thimphu District (Dzongkha: ཐིམ་ཕུ་རྫོང་ཁག་; Wylie: Thim-phu rdzong-khag) is a dzongkhag (district) of Bhutan. Thimphu is also the capital of Bhutan and the largest city in the whole kingdom.


The dominant language throughout the district is Dzongkha, however within the capital, nearly every language of Bhutan may be encountered.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Thimphu District is divided into eight gewogs and one town (Thimphu):[3]

Lingzhi, Soe and Naro Gewogs belong to the Lingzhi Dungkhag subdistrict, the only subdistrict within Thimphu District. The remaining gewogs do not belong to any subdistrict.[4]


The northern half of Thimphu District (the gewogs of Kawang, Lingzhi, Naro and Soe – corresponding roughly to Lingzhi Dungkhag) is subject to environmental protection, falling within Jigme Dorji National Park.[5]

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