Thingdawl Te Tlang

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Thingdawlte Tlang
Thingdawl Te Tlang.jpg
Thingdawlte Tlang
Highest point
Elevation959.8 m (3,149 ft)
Prominence65 metres (213 ft)
Isolation8 kilometres (5.0 mi)
ListingList of mountains of Bangladesh
Coordinates21°54′37″N 92°35′22″E / 21.91028°N 92.58944°E / 21.91028; 92.58944Coordinates: 21°54′37″N 92°35′22″E / 21.91028°N 92.58944°E / 21.91028; 92.58944
Thingdawlte Tlang is located in Bangladesh
Thingdawlte Tlang
Thingdawlte Tlang
Geo position of Thingdawlte Tlang
LocationRuma Bandarban
Parent rangeLowmbok Row
Mountain typeMountain

Thingdawlte Tlang[1] is a significant peak of Bangladesh.This peak is the Highest point of 'lawmbok Row' range and possible 7th highest of the country.In December,2012 a local explorer Fahim Hasan of "BD Explorer"[2] summited the peak of Thingdawlte Tlang and measured the height for the first time.Which is 3149 feet(959.8 m).[3] Gps accuracy was 3m(+/-).The name of the peak was collected by BD Explorer and confirmed by the local tribal people of Thingdawl Te village. Few days later Zaqiul Deep of "Travelers Of Bangladesh" measured the peak as 3,133 feet(955m). The most easiest route to summit this peak is to start from Ruma of Bandarban district.[4] Nearest sattlement is known as Thingdawlte(Bawm)village.This peak is named after this village.

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