Things Hoped For

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Things Hoped For
Author Andrew Clements
Language English
Genre Science fiction
Publisher Philomel
Publication date
ISBN 978-0-399-24350-9
OCLC 62127717
LC Class PZ7.C59118 Tfu 2006
Preceded by Things Not Seen
Followed by Things That Are

Things Hoped For is a young adult book by Andrew Clements. Released in 2006 by Philomel Books, the book is a sequel to Things Not Seen and is followed by Things That Are.


Gwen continues her life as normal as possible while trying to practice for her violin auditions. She then meets Robert (Bobby) from Things Not Seen in a cafe. Robert is in town also preparing for trumpet auditions. Gwen invites Robert to stay in her empty house with her to help get him out of the hotel he was staying in. While shopping in a Store in New York City, Gwen and Robert spot a faint shadow apparently coming from an invisible person. Robert then tells her that two years ago he turned invisible. In the following days Robert discovers Gwen's grandfather dead in the freezer. The other invisible man is found in Gwen's house after the discovery of her grandfather. The man named William started to seek out Robert to find out how to undo the invisibility. William also is revealed to be a worthless thief. Gwen's grandfather went in with an oxygen bottle, thick clothes, and left the refrigerator slightly open so he could have left if he wanted to. Gwen was distraught and did not feel like playing the violin the whole day. The next day she gets a phone call from Alicia, Robert's girlfriend asking her to play. Alicia ended up thanking Gwen for the beautiful song and hung up. On the day of Gwen's audition she opens an envelope with dog tags with a code leading to the title of a Bible passage. The passage says, "There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". Gwen finally understood why her grandfather did what he did, and she walks confidently into her audition.



  • Gwendolyn "Gwen" Page - A girl, main character, and narrator who is trying to practice her violin auditions.
  • Gwen's Grandfather
  • Robert Phillips (Also known as Bobby) - A boy who is preparing for trumpet auditions. He was invisible in Things Not Seen.


  • Uncle Henry "Hank" Page - Gwen's uncle
  • William - A man who is invisible and goes into Gwen's house when the police arrived
  • Alicia Van Dorn - Bobby's blind girlfriend.