Thingyan rice

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Thingan rice
Thingyan Hta Min.jpg
Alternative namesသင်္ကြန်ထမင်း
Place of origin Myanmar
Similar dishesKhao chae

Thingyan rice (Burmese: သင်္ကြန်ထမင်း, pronounced [ðəd͡ʑàɴtʰəmɪ́ɴ]; Mon: ပုၚ် သၚ်ကြာန်) is a traditional Mon dish served during Thingyan, the traditional Burmese New Year. Thingyan rice is infused with paraffin wax, which is extracted from a burning candle, and commonly served with a salad of cured salted fish, which is blanched and fried with onions, along with sour mango or marian plum.[1][2] The dish is then garnished with roasted chili peppers.[3] Although Thingyan rice originates from the Mon people, it is now commonly prepared throughout Lower Burma.[4]

This festive dish has also been adapted into Central Thai cuisine, where it is known as khao chae.


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