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ThinkVision displays are high-end computer monitors originally from IBM but now sold by Lenovo. ThinkVision products are built using the design language of other Think devices such as the ThinkPad line of notebook computers and the ThinkCentre line of desktops.


In January 2013 Lenovo announced the ThinkVision LT1423p, a mobile touchscreen display designed for use with Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system. The LT1423p is a 13.3-inch AH-IPS display with 1,600 by 900 resolution. The face of the device is Gorilla Glass in order to make it more durable. Pen-based and multitouch finger-based input are both supported. Wired and wireless versions will both be available. The wireless version, with a suggested price of US$449. will support WiFi and USB 3.0 connections and will have a 10-hour battery life. The wired version, with a suggested price of US$349, will use USB for both data and power.[1]


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