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King Ruler of Lampang
King Ruler of Lampang
Reign 1732 – 1759
Predecessor Dynasty Established
Successor Chaikaeo
Born 1675
Hang Chat, Lampang
Died 1759 (age 85)
Spouse Lord Mother Pim Pam Mahathewi
Issue 10 sons and daughters
House Chet Ton Dynasty

King Thip Chak (ทิพย์จักร) or Thip Chang (ทิพย์ช้าง) (died 1759), whose full royal title was King Thip Chak Sulawa Lue Chaiya Songkhram (ทิพย์จักรสุลวะฤๅไชยสงคราม), Ban Pong Yang Khok (บ้านปงยางคก), was ruling sovereign of Lampang during a period of sovereignty not subject to Burman, Ayuthian or Lannanese rule. He is regarded as the progenitor of the Thippachakkrathiwong Dynasty, the forefathers of the bloodline of the Lords of Chet Ton. He was married to Lord Mother Pim Pam Mahathewi (แม่เจ้าปิมปามหาเทวี) of Ban Pa Nat Dam (บ้านป่าหนาดดำ), Ban Ueam (บ้านเอื้อม), and ruled from 1732-1759.


In 1730, Lampang faced civil war. At the time, Thip Chak had been a hunter, but had spearheaded the group of soldiers that assassinated the ringleader of the rebellion, Thao Maha Yot. This had originally been commanded of the sovereign of Lampang by the Burman Konbaung Dynasty. According to the Chronicles of Chiang Mai, he later subdued an uprising in Lamphun, and in his final years ruled his realm on the foundations of Buddhist doctrine.


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