Third Interchange Contour

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Third Interchange Contour
Moscow metro map geo en - inc third interchange contour.svg
Geographic map showing the approximate path of the Third Interchange Contour (in turquoise) and its connections to existing lines
Type Rapid transit
System Moscow Metro
Locale Moscow
Stations 30
(incl. 3 of Kakhovskaya Line)
Opened 2016–2019 (expected)[1]
Operator(s) Moskovsky Metropoliten
Character Underground
Line length 58.3 kilometres (36.2 mi)[2]
Track gauge 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in)
Electrification Third rail
Route map
Nizhnyaya Maslovka Savyolovsky railway stationSavyolovskaya railway station  9 
Petrovsky Park  2 
Khodynskoye Pole
Khoroshovskaya  7   14  (OSI)
Delovoy Tsentr  4   8A 
to Park Pobedy
Ulitsa Narodnogo Opolcheniya
Mozhayskaya Kuntsevo I railway station  3   4 
Aminyevskoye Shosse
Michurinsky Prospekt  8A 
Prospekt Vernadskogo  1 
Ulitsa Novatorov
Vorontsovskaya  6 
Kakhovskaya  9 
to Varshavskoye yard
Varshavskaya Kolomenskoye railway station
Kashirskaya  2 
Klenovy Bulvar
Yuzhnoportovaya  10 
Tekstilshchiki Tekstilshchiki railway station  7 
Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa Karacharovo railway station    14  (OSI)
Nizhegorodskoye yard
to Kozhukhovskaya Line
Aviamotornaya Novaya railway station  8 
Rubtsovskaya Elektrozavodskaya railway station  3 
Stromynka  1 
Rzhevskaya Rizhsky railway stationRzhevskaya railway station  6 
Sheremetyevskaya  10 

The Third Interchange Contour (Russian: Третий пересадочный контур,[1] Trety peresadochny kontur, IPA: [ˈtrʲetʲɪj pʲɪrʲɪˈsadətɕnɨj ˈkontʊr]) (Line 11)[3] is a rapid transit line of Moscow Metro under construction. It is planned to be a second circle line running outside of the existing Koltsevaya (Ring) Line, with a branch to Moscow-City.

First sections[edit]

Third Interchange Contour Map
Map showing a spur of the Third Interchange Contour connecting it to Moscow International Business Center. The five stations from Delovoy Tsentr (ru) to Petrovsky Park will be the first of the new stations on the Contour to open.

The existing, short, three-station Kakhovskaya Line will be incorporated into the Third Interchange Contour. Besides this, the first new stations were expected to be opened by December 2015.[1] However, as of November 2015, 2018 is being reported as a more likely for the completion of the whole project.[4][5][6][7] The five stations from Petrovsky Park to Delovoy Tsentr (ru) were scheduled to open first, in 2016.[5]

Continuing the ring[edit]

In 2017, the Northeastern section is scheduled to be completed. This section includes the part of the line from Nizhnyaya Maslovka to Aviamotornaya. The Third Interchange Contour will run from Aviamotornaya to Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa along the same routing as the Kozhukhovskaya Line, which is also scheduled to open in 2017.[1]

By 2017, the Eastern section from Nizhegorodskaya Ulitsa to Kashirskaya is scheduled to be complete. This will connect the Third Interchange Contour to the present-day Kakhovskaya Line, the first part of the outer ring line to open in 1969.[1]

Completing the ring[edit]

Old plans[1] called for the rest of the Third Interchange Contour to be opened in November 2018. The remainder of the ring is split into two projects:

Aminyevskoye Shosse, Michurinsky Prospekt and Prospekt Vernadskogo will be built by Chinese contractors.[8] Ring completion has been postponed to 2021.