Third Way (Palestinian authority)

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Third Way

الطريق الثالث
LeaderSalam Fayyad
Hanan Ashrawi
Founded16 December 2005
IdeologyThird Way
Two-state solution
Political positionCenter to Centre-right politics
Legislative Council
2 / 132

The Third Way (Arabic: الطريق الثالثaṭ-Ṭarīq ath-Thālith) is a small centrist Palestinian political party active in the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). Founded on 16 December 2005, the party was led by Salam Fayyad and Hanan Ashrawi. The party presents itself as an alternative to the two-party system of Hamas and Fatah.

In the January 2006 PLC elections the party received 2.41% of the popular vote and won two of the Council's 132 seats. After the disappointing election results, the party disappeared from the Palestinian arena, but in July 2015 party leaders held a series of meetings in Ramallah and Hebron to discuss the party's ability to reactivate its platform and return.[1]


Party founder Salam Fayyad served as Finance Minister in the Palestinian Authority Government of February 2005, but resigned late 2005, to run for the 2006 elections.[2] On 15 June 2007, Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas named Salam Fayyad Prime Minister of the new emergency government, following Hamas' takeover of Gaza.


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