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Fourth engineer
Other namesThird assistant engineer
DepartmentEngine department
Reports toChief engineer, second engineer, third engineer
Dutiesdaily maintenance and operation in the engine department
RequirementsSea Time as Unlicensed or Cadet, Professional Training.
WatchstanderDepends on manned/unmanned engine room
Watch (at sea)Varies (0800-1200, 2000-2400)
Watch (in port)Varies (1600-2400)

A fourth engineer or third assistant engineer is a rank of engine officer who is part of the engine department on a merchant vessel.

Generally the most junior engine officer of the ship, this person is usually responsible for electrical, sewage treatment (resulting in the pejorative pun "turd engineer"), lube oil, bilge, and oily water separation systems. Depending on usage, they are called "the Third" or "the Fourth" and usually stands a watch[1] and sometimes assists the third mate in maintaining proper operation of the lifeboats.

Maritime academies such as the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy offer a four-year program leading to a BS in Marine Engineering Technology, a license (issued by the Coast Guard) as a third assistant engineer, and an optional commission as ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve, Merchant Marine Reserve, or Coast Guard Reserve.[1] With experience and additional training, third officers may qualify for higher rank.[1]

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