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Thirteen Senses
OriginPenzance, Cornwall
Years active2001–present
Associated actsGlass Pear
WebsiteOfficial site
MembersWill South
Tom Welham
Adam Wilson
Brendon James
Official Thirteen Senses logo

Thirteen Senses are a post-Britpop band from Penzance, Cornwall. The group released the album The Invitation on 27 September 2004, along with several singles: "Thru the Glass", "Do No Wrong", "Into the Fire" and "The Salt Wound Routine", of which the first three have reached the UK Top 40. Their second album, Contact, was released in April 2007. Thirteen Senses are the only Cornish band to have a Top 20 single.

Band members[edit]


Thirteen Senses started out as Soul Magician, that began in school when Will South started writing songs which he showed Adam Wilson. He in turn liked the songs and left the other band he was in at the time. Soul Magician took off when South and Wilson met Tom Welham. The latter knew Brendon James and they all became friends.

In 2002 Soul Magician released an EP, Inside A Healing Mind, which was produced by Leon Phillips. It consisted of four tracks, one of which was later released as a B-side. "Attracting Submission" is found on the "Do No Wrong" 7" vinyl. After that came in 2002 the No Other Life Is Attractive EP: the first Thirteen Senses release, produced by Dare Mason. This had five tracks. Four of them have been released as B-sides, the exception being "Sound". They then issued in 2003, Falls In The Dark, a self-released and independent demo album.

The band's next release and major label debut album was The Invitation. This consisted of twelve tracks and reached number 14 in the UK Albums Chart[1] on its re-release.

At the beginning of 2004, and before The Invitation, Thirteen Senses released their first single, "Thru the Glass". This was released on both CD and 7" vinyl. The B-side was identical on both releases: "No Other Life Is Attractive". Later, the next single was "Do No Wrong" and it reached number 38 in the official UK Singles Chart.[1] To promote it, Thirteen Senses went on tour, including a homecoming gig at the Hall for Cornwall in Truro.

The third single from the band was "Into the Fire". This was also released on two CDs and vinyl "Into The Fire" was used on BBC One's Match of the Day. After this came a re-release of "Thru the Glass" which broke the group into the UK Top 20.[1]

The band toured both in the UK and Europe in 2005 and made several appearances at festivals such as Glastonbury, T in the Park and V Festival.

The band spent much of the latter part of 2005 and early 2006 in the recording studio, working on their next album, Contact. It was released on 2 April 2007. It was originally planned to be released in February 2007 but after playing three pre-album gigs at The Luminaire in London (on the thirteenth of the months of October, November and December), the band produced new tracks. "Talking to Sirens", one of the new tracks from Contact, was only played at the last gig. Due to the new album release date, their UK tour was rescheduled for March.

On 28 August 2007 Thirteen Senses announced through their website that they had begun recording their third album, and between April–July 2008 they previewed samples of 8 demo recordings on their MySpace page.[2] After several months without official contact from the band, on 28 May 2009, Brendon James announced that their third studio album was close to completion and it would, "all being well, be released within the next 2-3 months".[3]

On 16 March 2010 the band made their third album, "Crystal Sounds" available to stream on their website, A day later they announced this on their MySpace page and said the album would be available to stream "for a limited time". The physical version of "Crystal Sounds" was released on 21 February 2011 with four tracks not featured on the early release.

On 27 February 2013, the band announced via Facebook and Twitter that "work on a new album is reaching its conclusion... more news coming soon...!"

And on 6 February 2014, the band announced via Facebook and Twitter that the new album "A Strange Encounter" was released on 5 May 2014.



EPs & Demo Albums[edit]

(As Soul Magician)

  1. Glow – 4:27
  2. Bittersweet – 4:17
  3. Attracting Submission – 2:04
  4. The Spring – 3:50
  1. No Other Life Is Attractive – 5:47
  2. Little Unrest – 5:39
  3. The Questions – 5:02
  4. Sound – 7:34
  5. Falling To The Ground – 6:36


Year Song UK Singles Chart[1] Album
2004 "Thru The Glass" Falls In The Dark
2004 "Do No Wrong" #38 The Invitation
2004 "Into The Fire" #35
2005 "Thru The Glass" #18
2005 "The Salt Wound Routine" #45
2007 "All The Love In Your Hands" #108 Contact
2007 "Follow Me"
2011 "The Loneliest Star" Crystal Sounds
2011 "Home"


  • Thru The Glass [first version] (2004)
  • Do No Wrong (2004)
  • Into The Fire (2004)
  • Thru The Glass [second version] (2005)
  • Thru The Glass [alternative version] (2005)
  • The Salt Wound Routine (2005)
  • All The Love In Your Hands (2007)
  • Follow Me (2007)
  • The Loneliest Star (2011)
  • Home (2011)

Songs in other media[edit]

Year Title Type Song
2004 Without a Trace TV series episode: "Thou Shalt Not" "Do No Wrong"[4]
2005 The Best Man Film "Into the Fire"[5]
Bones TV series episode: "Pilot" "Gone"[6]
ER TV series episode: "The Show Must Go On" "Into the Fire"[7]
Grey's Anatomy TV series episode: "A Hard Day's Night" "Into the Fire"[8]
Les Chevaliers du Ciel Film "Into the Fire"[9]
Match of the Day TV sports program "Into the Fire"[10]
Rescue Me TV series promos: Season 2 "Into the Fire"[10]
Tru Calling TV series episode: "The Last Good Day" "Into the Fire"[11]
2006 The 4400 TV series episode: "The New World" "Into the Fire"[12]
Celebrity Big Brother 2006 TV series episode: "Show 33" "Into the Fire"[10]
MTV Movie Awards TV awards ceremony: Jim Carrey clip show "Into the Fire"[13]
2007 Dragons' Den: Where Are They Now? TV series episode "All the Love in Your Hands"
Guiding Light TV series episode: "Episode 15261"
(21 September 2007)
"Do No Wrong"[14]
Kyle XY TV series episode: "The Prophet" "Follow Me"[15]
Kyle XY TV series episode: "House of Cards" "The Salt Wound Routine"[15]
2009 Andra Avenyn TV series episode (season 3) "Into the Fire"
ITV3 TV station promos: Drama "Into the Fire"
Kyle XY TV series episode: "It Happened One Night" "Home"[16]
MasterChef TV game show episode: 8 July 2009 "Into the Fire"
WrestleMania XXV Pay-per-view TV special "Into the Fire"[17]
2011 UEFA Champions League Sky Sports: Real Madrid vs Tottenham Hotspur – Live "Thru The Glass"
Pretty Little Liars TV game show episode: "Blind Dates" "Into the Fire"
Grey's Anatomy TV series episode: "If/Then" "Into the Fire"
2014 Grey's Anatomy TV series episode: "How To Save A Life" "Into the Fire (Eric McClarey Cover)"
2015 Grey's Anatomy TV series episode: "My Next Life" "Into the Fire"


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