Thirty Acres

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Thirty Acres
First edition cover
Author Ringuet
Original title Trente arpents
Translator Felix Walter, Dorothea Walter
Country Canada
Language English
Genre fiction
Publication date
1938 (French)
1940 (English)
1940 (German)
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)

Thirty Acres (French: Trente arpents) is a novel by Canadian writer Philippe Panneton, published under the pen name Ringuet.[1] First published in French in 1938, its English translation was published in 1940 and won the Governor General's Award for Fiction at the 1940 Governor General's Awards.[1] It is considered one of the most important works in Quebec literature,[1] and one of the most important exemplars of the roman du terroir genre.

The novel traces the life of Euchariste Moisan, a rural farmer in Quebec.[1]

The novel's English edition remains in print as part of the New Canadian Library series.


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