Thirty Called Arson

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Thirty Called Arson
Origin Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Genres Hardcore
Years active 2002–2003
Labels Pluto Records

Thirty Called Arson was an American metalcore band from Tulsa, Oklahoma that signed with Pluto Records in 2003. In the same year they recorded the album "You're Only a Rebel from the Waist Downward".

Track list:

  1. NRA retirement home
  2. It's hard to say no when you've got a gun to my head
  3. It all started in South Dakota
  4. We're just twenty-something heart throbs
  5. Ivan Draago is not my mentor
  6. (untitled)
  7. It's been one o'clock for days
  8. It's easy being lazy when you're dead
  9. I'll make you famous
  10. But soon there will be skirts and curtains
  11. Have you met my friend Burns?


  • Zach Updegrove, vocals
  • John Moreland, guitar, formerly with Widow Song, currently with John Moreland and the Black Gold Band
  • Aaron Kennedy, guitar, formerly with The Tokyo Smash
  • Kyle Masters, bass
  • Craig Maricle, drums, currently with Scales of Motion
  • Wayne Wedge, guitar, currently with Workhorse and Over Stars & Gutters
  • Luis Dubuc, drums, currently with Mystery Skulls
  • Mike Williams, vocals, formerly with The Agony Scene, currently with John Moreland and the Black Gold Band
  • Steve Maxwell, bass
  • Steve Walden, drums, formerly of Highwater Waltz and The Kickback, currently with John Moreland and the Black Gold Band

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