Thiru Aadanoor Temple

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Thiru Aadanoor Temple
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Thiru Aadanoor Temple is located in Tamil Nadu
Thiru Aadanoor Temple
Location in Tamil Nadu
Coordinates10°58′35″N 79°18′48″E / 10.97639°N 79.31333°E / 10.97639; 79.31333Coordinates: 10°58′35″N 79°18′48″E / 10.97639°N 79.31333°E / 10.97639; 79.31333
StateTamil Nadu
LocationAadanoor, Kumbakonam
SanctumAndalakkum Aiyan Perumal(Vishnu) Ranganayaki(Lakshmi)
Temple tankSurya
ArchitectureDravidian architecture

Andalakkum Aiyan Perumal Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Aadanoor, Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the "Divya Desams",[2] the 108 temples of Vishnu revered by the 12 poet saints, or Alwars.[3]

The temple has a small shrine with Vimanam and 3-tier rajagopuram. The temple was built by Aditya Chola.[4]

It is located in Olaipadi, a small village, 7 km away from Kumbakonam and 2 km from Swamimalai. The temple tank is located north of the temple. The deities are similar to the Sri Ranganathaswamy temple of Srirangam.


Gopuram of the temple

According to legend, there was an affluent devotee who also wished to partake in religious endeavour of serving Lord Ranganatha. Some of those who worked under him exploited his bhakti to their advantage and swindled all his money, making him penniless. Pleased with his dev0tion, the Lord appeared in his dream and promised to help him out of the situation. He instructed the devotee to bring along a marakkal and his workers, who cheated him, to the bank of the Kollidam, where he promised to pay the workers their dues. The Lord, in the guise of an old man, gave each of them a measure of sand from the bank of Kollidam according to the work done by them. Much to their surprise, it turned into precious stones for those who toiled and it stayed the same for those who shirked work. The workers who did not get anything were enraged and started chasing the old man. At this juncture, the Lord appeared in his original form and made the workers realize their mistakes.[5]


Thirumangai Alvar have sung in praise of the perumal in this temple with 1 Pasuram (hymn):

ஒருக்காலே நெடுமாலே உன்னை செருக்கால் மறந்தாலும்

இருக்காலே ஏத்தி இறைஞ்ச இயலாது இருந்தாலும்

முறுக்காலே மோதிய முன்வினை மோகத்தாலும் மறப்பாயே நீ

மரக்கால் கொண்டு ஆண்டு அளக்கும் ஆதனூர் ஐயனே [6]


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