Thirumanimutharu River

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Thirumanimutharu river
Native name திருமணிமுத்தாறு
Country Salem District, Namakkal district
Basin features
Main source Manjavadi
, Shevaroy Mountain at Yercaud
1,515 meters (4,970 ft)
11°46′45″N 78°12′12″E / 11.77917°N 78.20333°E / 11.77917; 78.20333
River mouth Nanjai Edayar at Namakkal district
121 meters (397 ft)
11°05′58″N 78°02′04″E / 11.09944°N 78.03444°E / 11.09944; 78.03444Coordinates: 11°05′58″N 78°02′04″E / 11.09944°N 78.03444°E / 11.09944; 78.03444
Physical characteristics
Length 120 kilometers (75 mi)

The Thirumanimutharu River is origin form Manjavadi in Shevaroy Mountain and through the Salem and Namakkal districts of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It rises in the Yercaud hills.[1] Thirumanimutharu River joins the Cauvery at Nanjai Edayar place in Namakkal.

Places on The Thirumanimutharu river bank[edit]

Manjavadi, Yercaud hills, Salem City, Vennandur, Nanjai Edayar.


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