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Tirunavai (Colonial)
Revenue Village
Grama Panchayat
Brahmashiva Temple, Thirunavaya
Brahmashiva Temple, Thirunavaya
Coordinates: 11°00′04″N 75°59′28″E / 11.0010°N 75.9911°E / 11.0010; 75.9911Coordinates: 11°00′04″N 75°59′28″E / 11.0010°N 75.9911°E / 11.0010; 75.9911
Country  India
State Kerala
District Malappuram
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Nearest Municipality Tirur
River Nila
Tirunavaya Railway Station
Manikkinar waterhole

Tirunavaya is a village and Hindu pilgrim centre situated 8 km southeast of Tirur Municipality in Malappuram district, Kerala. Situated on the northern bank of the Bharathapuzha (Nila River), Tirunavaya is one of the most prominent places for bali tharpan in Kerala.[1]

Thirunavaya was the venue for Mamankam, a medieval military and cultural festival, held once every 12 years.[2]

Thirunavaya has been referred to as the 'Kashi of South India' [3]

History and culture[edit]

From medieval times, Thirunavaya was known throughout India as a centre of excellence for Vedic teachings, with Veda Patha Salais (Thirunnavaya Otthanmmar Maddom) for teaching the Vedas, Sasthras, Tantric mantras, performing of rituals and preaching under learned scholars.[4]


The Thirunavaya Nava Mukunda Temple is also a famous Hindu pilgrim centre. The Vaishnavas have 108 Thiruppathis (most holy temples) and eleven of them are now in Kerala and Thirunavaya is one among them. Though the temple had undergone periodical renovations, the last and major renovation with the reconstruction of sanctum sanctorum was done by the legendary Perumthachan under the direction of the chief of Vettom. The reconstruction had the typical 'Perumthachan touch' making the rays of the rising sun fall on the idol on every Medam First (in Utharaayana period, i.e. in April) and on Kanni First, (in Dakshinayana period i.e., in October).[5]


Bharathapuzha in Thirunavaya, flows caressing the temples of god Vishnu (Nava Mukunda Temple) on its north bank and god Brahma and Shiva on its south bank. Hence the pithrukarma/pithrukriyas performed at this 'Thrimoorthy Sangam' are considered as very sacred. On Karkidaka Vavu (no moon day of the Karkidaka month), Hindus from different part of northern Kerala travel to the temple, to perform the pithrukriya (bali tharpan) seeking moksha for their ancestors.

Melpathur Illam[edit]

The site of Melpatthur Illam, the home of the medieval polymath, Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri; author of Narayaniyam, is about 2 miles from Thirunavaya.[6]


Thirunavaya village connects to other parts of India through Tirur town. National highway No.66 passes through Tirur and the northern stretch connects to Goa and Mumbai. The southern stretch connects to Cochin and Trivandrum. Highway No.966 goes to Palakkad and Coimbatore. The nearest airport is at Kozhikode. The nearest major railway station is at Tirur.

Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple


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