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Theatrical release poster
Directed byBharathi Kannan
Produced byR. B. Choudary
Edited byV. Jaishankar
Music byIlaiyaraaja
Release date
  • 15 January 2000 (2000-01-15)

Thirunelveli is a 2000 Indian Tamil-language drama film, directed by Bharathi Kannan. The film stars Prabhu and Roja while Karan, Udhaya and Sithara among others form an ensemble cast. Music for the film was composed by Ilaiyaraaja and the film was released on 15 January 2000.[1]


Thulasi (Prabhu) is a rich landlord in Tirunelveli who lives with his brother Varadappan (Karan) and mother (Manorama). Varadappan has a wife (Sithara), son (Shankthi Kumar), and a daughter Rani (Vindhya). Thulasi is well-respected in his hometown, and he never lies at any circumstance. A small flashback is shown where Thulasi was in love with Roja, but she died. Enmity prevails between Thulasi and Soonaswamy (S. S. Chandran). Udhaya is appointed as Varadappan's car driver, and love blossoms between Udhaya and Rani. Thulasi realizes this but does not disclose this to Varadappan, as he would try to separate the couple. Soonaswamy joins hands with Velu Nayakkar Ponnambalam, local thug and tries to separate Thulasi and Varadappan, in which he succeeds. Thulasi leaves home with his mother. Now, Varadappan finds out about Rani's love affair and decides to kill her and Udhaya. The couple runs to Thulasi for life. Thulasi hides them in his home. When Varadappan inquires about the couple to Thulasi, he lies that he is not aware of their whereabouts. Varadappan leaves the place, believing that Thulasi will never lie. The couple thanks Thulasi for saving their lives but are shocked to see him dead. Varadappan then realizes his mistake and apologizes. The couple is united.



Soundtrack was composed by Ilaiyaraaja.[2][3]

Song Singers Lyrics Length
"Ini Naalum Thirunaal" Arunmozhi, Swarnalatha, Ilaiyaraaja, S. N. Surendar, Manorama Muthulingam 04:49
"Ola Kudisayile" Biju Narayanan Chidambaranathan 05:04
"Kattazhagi" Devi Mayil 05:29
"Thirunelveli" Mano, Ilaiyaraaja Pulamaipithan 05:51
"Yele Azhagamma" Arunmozhi, K. S. Chithra Bharathi Kannan 05:23
"Endha Paavi" Sunandha Su. Ashok 01:38
"Saathi Enum" Ilaiyaraaja Poovai Senguttuvan 02:09


Malini Mannath wrote for Chennai Online, "The director, like the audience, seems to have had enough of filial bonding, and takes recourse to the caste factor to pep up his narration [...] Vivek's comedy track is weird, but provides some welcome relief".[4] Tamil Star wrote, "It is Prabhu's sensitive portrayal and a more gripping narrative after the interval that have saved the film from slipping into mediocrity [...] Fight scenes are well executed . But Ilayaraja's music is disappointing".[5]


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