Thiruvadigai Temple

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Thriuvathigai Temple
Sri Veerattaaneswarar Temple.JPG
Thriuvathigai Temple is located in Tamil Nadu
Thriuvathigai Temple
Thriuvathigai Temple
Location in Tamil Nadu
Proper name Sri Veerattaaneswarar Temple
Coordinates 11°28′N 79°20′E / 11.46°N 79.33°E / 11.46; 79.33Coordinates: 11°28′N 79°20′E / 11.46°N 79.33°E / 11.46; 79.33
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Cuddalore
Location Panruti, Tamil Nadu, India
Primary deity Veerateswarar(Shiva)
Architectural styles Dravidian architecture

The Thiruvathigai Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva. It is situated at Thiruvathigai Village which is about 2 kilometres east from the town of Panruti. Veerattaaneswarar is the presiding deity.


The Thiruvathigai Temple was originally built as a Jain temple by the Pallava king Mahendravarman I in the 6th century AD. However, on his conversion from Jainism to Hinduism, Mahendravarman demolished the existing temple and built a temple to Shiva in its place. The temple contains some remaining Jain artifacts.[citation needed]

There is also another Shiva temple and a Vishnu temple nearby believed to have been constructed from the remains of the demolished Jain temple.

King Raja_Raja_Chola_I is believed to have stayed in this temple for a long time to study the architecture before building Brihadeeswarar_Temple.


According to the legend[specify] Thirugnana Sambanthar was glorified by the cosmic dance of Shiva. Appar's sister Thilakavathiyar settled here during her later years and devoted her lifetime service to Shiva. Afflicted by a painful illness, Thirunavukkarasar prayed for relief at this temple where his sister Thilagavathiyar served and was cured.[1] Legend holds that this temple is the place where Shiva destroyed three rakshashas and the three cities[specify] created by them. Saranarayana Perumal, another name of Vishnu[citation needed], is the one who gave the arrow[specify] to Shiva for killing the demons.[citation needed] The Saranarayana Perumal temple is also located in Panruti.


The temple[2] is located at South Arcot district 2 km from Panruti.


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