Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam

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View of the Adheenam

Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam is a Saivite mutt based in the town of Thiruvaduthurai in Kuthalam taluk of Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India.[1] The adheenam maintains the Mayuranathaswami temple at Mayiladuthurai.[citation needed] As of 1987, there were a total of 15 Shiva temples under the control of the adheenam.[2]


The Adheenam is involved in publishing Saivite literature, specifically Thevaram and Tiruvasakam and its translations. It is also involved in literary scholarship. Some of the prominent Tamil literary personalities like Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai had their tutorship in the Adheenam. His disciple U V Swaminatha Iyer, who published many Tamil classical texts also was associated with the organization.[3] The Adheenam along with Thiruppanandal Adheenam and Dharmapuram Adheenam were founded during the 16th century to spread the ideology of Saiva Sidhantam.[4]


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