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THIS (Lost and Found album).png
Live album by Lost and Found
Released 1998
Genre Speedwood
Label Limb Records
Lost and Found chronology
Speedwood Two
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Music Hills 3/5 stars link

This is a full length concept album by acoustic duo Lost and Found. Like some of their albums, this one includes an interlude at the end of most of the songs. The interlude is an instrumental version of the chorus from the song "Remember Me". Two songs, "Baby" and "Lion", include a rhythm section (whereas most Lost and Found songs are usually more stripped down and acoustic).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Be Not Afraid"
  2. "Remember Me"
  3. "Nice to Know"
  4. "God of Grace and God of Glory"
  5. "I Liked You More"
  6. "He's a Friend"
  7. "Stand Up and Fight"
  8. "New Creation"
  9. "Harken"
  10. "Slide Girl"
  11. "Must Be"
  12. "Cling to the Cross"
  13. "Baby"
  14. "Lions"