This Ain't Glee XXX

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This Ain't Glee XXX
DVD cover
Directed by Axel Braun
Produced by Drew Rose
Written by Marc Star
Based on Glee
by Ian Brennan
Ryan Murphy
and Brad Falchuk
Starring Andy San Dimas
Tara Lynn Foxx
Music by Axel Braun
Drew Rose
Cinematography Axel Braun
Ralph Parfait
Edited by Claudia Ross
Hustler Video
Distributed by Hustler Video
Release date
  • July 15, 2010 (2010-07-15)
Running time
109 minutes
Country United States
Language English

This Ain't Glee XXX is a 2010 American pornographic musical comedy film written by Marc Star and directed by Axel Braun. Based on the television series Glee, the film stars Andy San Dimas as Rachel Berry and features parody songs written by Braun and Drew Rose.


In the teacher's lounge, Emma tells Will that she has accepted Ken's marriage proposal, but is now having second thoughts. An eavesdropping Sue mocks Emma's indecisiveness, and informs Will that Principal Figgins needs the New Directions' setlist for sectionals by this afternoon, or the Glee Club will be disbanded. Will meets with Figgins, who tells him that the setlist's due date had been moved up because the school's extracurricular activities are being audited to gauge their effectiveness and value, something which is being paid for by one of the sponsors for Sue's Cheerios.

At a Glee club meeting, Will tells the students that they must choose songs for Sectionals, and Rachel and Mercedes sing "Big Tushy Hos". Afterward, Tina is slushied in the hallway while talking to Finn about his relationship with the pregnant Quinn, and while cleaning up in a washroom she is cornered by Sue, who extorts sex from her by promising to lay off the Glee Club if they have sex. Elsewhere, Puck has a threesome in an empty classroom with Brittany and Santana, after confronting Quinn about a one-night stand they had.

The trio finish, and make themselves scarce when Rachel and Will enter the room. Rachel tries seducing Will in attempt to get the lead at sectionals, but he spurns her advances. When Will leaves, Rachel has a fantasy involving herself, him, and Emma. Quinn is then shown resting in the nurse's station, having suffered a minor breakdown due to her earlier argument with Puck. Finn visits her, and the two sing "Knocked Up at Eighteen" then have sex.

Rachel drops by Will's office and finds him adding the last touch to his newly written song "Don't Cum All Over Me". Rachel and Will do a duet of the song, which leads to them having sex, with Will shooting his ejaculate on Rachel. When they finish, Will races off to hand the completed setlist over to Figgins, and arrives just in time, to Sue's annoyance.




AVN gave This Ain't Glee a perfect score of five, and wrote "It's almost enough to bring a tear to your eye with how beautifully done this parody really is".[1] A 10/12 was awarded by Rog Reviews, which called it "one of the best parodies of 2010".[2] XCritic also responded well to the spoof, giving it an overall grade of four out of five, and deeming it "Highly Recommended".[3]

AVN Awards[edit]

The film won in three categories, and was nominated in six others, at the 2011 AVN Awards.[4]

  • Best Actress – Andy San Dimas
  • Best Music Soundtrack
  • Best Original Song – Big Tushy Hos by Axel Braun & Drew Rose
  • Best Actor – Chad Diamond
  • Best Original Song – Don't Come All Over Me by Axel Braun & Drew Rose
  • Best Original Song – Knocked Up at Eighteen by Axel Braun & Drew Rose
  • Best Parody – Comedy
  • Best Screenplay – Adapted
  • Best Supporting Actress – Tara Lynn Foxx


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