This Is Hell / Cancer Bats

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This Is Hell/Cancer Bats
This Is Hell-Cancer Bats cover.jpg
EP by This Is Hell and
Cancer Bats
Released November 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre Hardcore punk
Label Future Tense
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This Is Hell / Cancer Bats
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This Is Hell / Cancer Bats
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This Is Hell/Cancer Bats is a limited split vinyl only EP by hardcore punk bands This Is Hell and Cancer Bats. Each band contributes one new song, and one cover song of the other band.[1][2]

Track listing[edit]

Side A - This Is Hell

  1. "Another Facade" (Sundowning b-side)
  2. "Shillelagh"† (Cancer Bats cover)

Side B - Cancer Bats

  1. "Let It Pour" (demo)
  2. "Diamond Lanterns" (This Is Hell cover)
  • † – listed as "Death Bros." on packaging

art work was illustrated by Alex Snelgrove

Pressing Details[edit]

Limited quantities were pressed in a variety of colors.

  • Carolina Blue x100
  • Green/White Haze x400
  • Green (available only through This Is Hell) x250
  • Red (available only through Cancer Bats) x250