This Is My Demo

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This Is My Demo
Sway Demo cover.gif
Studio album by
Released5 February 2006
Recorded2005 - 2006
GenreBritish hip hop
LabelAll City Music
ProducerSway, Dcypha Productions, Al Shux, Terror Danjah, Turkish, Baby Blue
Sway DaSafo chronology
This Is My Demo
The Signature LP
Professional ratings
Review scores
Sound Generator(9/10)[1]
BBC UrbanPositive[2]

This Is My Demo is the debut album from British rapper Sway. It was released on 5 February 2006 and produced by Sway for Dcypha Productions. It consists mainly of R&B and British hip hop. The album was critically well received[citation needed] and spent two weeks on the chart, with a peak of number 78. The album was produced by Sway himself along with producers Joe Fields, Terror Danjah, Turkish, Bigz, Ramiz, Tamiz, Big E.D. and Al Shux who produced almost all of the songs, including the single Little Derek.[3]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Featured guest(s) Producer Length
1 "This Is My Demo" Sewuese Sway, Al Shux and Tamiz 6:00
2 "Products" El Rae Sway, Al Shux and Joe Fields 3:30
3 "Hype Boys" Bigz Sway, Bigz and Ramiz 5:07
4 "Little Derek" Baby Blue Sway, Al Shux, Ramiz, Joe Fields and Baby Blue 5:16
5 "Pretty Ugly Husband" Sway and Joe Fields 3:41
6 "Flo Fashion" Sway and Ramiz 3:37
7 "Up Your Speed" Pyrelli Sway 2:56
8 "Download" Sway and Terror Danjah 4:42
9 "Loose Woose" Bigz, Pyrelli And Hayden Sway and Turkish 4:09
10 "Sick World" Sewuese Sway and Al Shux 4:02
11 "On My Own" Nate James Sway, Al Shux and Nate James 3:11
12 "Back 4 U" Haydon and Ny Sway, Al Shux and Joe Fields 3:44
13 "Slo' Down" (Bonus Track) Sway and Al Shux 4:48
14 "Month in the Summer" (Bonus Track) Teddy Sway and Al Shux 3:49

This Is My DVD[edit]

On some versions of "This Is My Demo" a special DVD was included called "This Is My DVD". The track listing for the DVD is as follows:

  1. "Flo Fashion"
  2. "Up Your Speed"
  3. "Little Derek"
  4. "Download"
  5. "Radio 1"
  6. "On Tour"
  7. "In The Studio"
  8. "NYC"
  9. "Live!"
  10. "Bonus Track"


  • Sway DaSafo, Al Shux, and Tamiz – track 1
  • Sway DaSafo, Al Shux, and Joe Fields – track 2
  • Sway DaSafo, Bigz, and Ramiz – track 3
  • Sway DaSafo, Al Shux, Ramiz, Joe Fields, and Baby Blue – track 4
  • Sway DaSafo and Joe Fields – track 5
  • Sway DaSafo and Ramiz – track 6
  • Sway DaSafo, D. Watson, L. Buckingham, M. Fleetwood, S. Nicks, C. McVie, J. McVie, and M. Meredith – track 7
  • Sway DaSafo, R. Cryce, R. Annor, Big E.D., and Terror Danjah – track 8
  • Sway DaSafo, T. Salih, D. Watson, T. Oriola, Haydon, and Turkish – track 9
  • Sway DaSafo, Al Shux and M. Pusey – track 10
  • Sway DaSafo, Al Shux and Nate James – track 11
  • Sway DaSafo, Al Shux, and Joe Fields – track 12
  • Sway DaSafo and Al Shux – track 13
  • Sway DaSafo and Al Shux – track 14