This Life Is Where You Get F cked

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This Life Is Where You Get F__cked
Studio album by Rabbit Junk
Released April 28, 2008
Recorded 2006-2008
Genre Digital hardcore, industrial black metal, punk rock
Length 37:02
Label Full Effect Records
Producer Brian Valentino, JP Anderson
Rabbit Junk chronology
This Life Is Where You Get F__cked
Project Nonagon

This life is where you get f__cked is the third studio album by the Seattle-based digital hardcore band Rabbit Junk, and their first released on the Full Effect Records label. It is a concept album, divided into three separate parts which are only very loosely tied together. Each of these parts uses different influences and musical genres. The album was followed up by a direct sequel, Project Nonagon, which added three new songs to each of the suites.

Track listing[edit]

Part 1: The Struggle
No. Title Length
1. "Transmission 1" 0:10
2. "Hero in Mr Sholensk" 4:41
3. "Guns" 3:40
4. "The Struggle" 3:52
Part 2: Ghetto Blasphemer
No. Title Length
5. "Transmission 2" 0:04
6. "Black" 3:56
7. "Ghetto Blasphemer" 4:21
8. "The Collection" 5:16
Part 3: This Death Is Where You Get Life
No. Title Length
9. "Transmission 3" 0:12
10. "Holgate" 3:49
11. "Death of a Bike Thief" 3:07
12. "Roadside Art" 3:52
Total length: 37:00


Rabbit Junk
  • JP Anderson - vocals, guitars, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, programming, production
  • Sum Grrl - vocals
Other personnel
  • Brian Valentino - production
  • Tom Baker - mastering
  • Coleman Thornburg - additional guitars (tracks 2 and 3)
  • Daniel Carpenter - artwork, layout