This Life Is Where You Get Fucked

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This Life Is Where You Get Fucked
Studio album by Rabbit Junk
Released April 28, 2008
Recorded 2006-2008

Digital hardcore, industrial rock, punk rock

Length =
Label Full Effect Records
Rabbit Junk chronology
This Life Is Where You Get Fucked
Project Nonagon

This Life Is Where You Get Fucked (spelled as This life is where you get f__cked on the album's front cover) is the third studio album by the Seattle-based digital hardcore band Rabbit Junk, and their first released on the Full Effect Records label. It is a concept album, divided into three separate parts which are only very loosely tied together. Each of these parts uses different influences and musical genres. The album was followed up by a direct sequel, Project Nonagon, which added three new songs to each of the suites.


Part 1: The Struggle
No. Title Length
1. "Transmission 1"   0:10
2. "Hero in Mr Sholensk"   4:41
3. "Guns"   3:40
4. "The Struggle"   3:52
Part 2: Ghetto Blasphemer
No. Title Length
5. "Transmission 2"   0:04
6. "Black"   3:56
7. "Ghetto Blasphemer"   4:21
8. "The Collection"   5:16
Part 3: This Death Is Where You Get Life
No. Title Length
9. "Transmission 3"   0:12
10. "Holgate"   3:49
11. "Death of a Bike Thief"   3:07
12. "Roadside Art"   3:52
Total length: