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This Mitchell and Webb Book (ISBN 000728019X) is a book written by David Mitchell and Robert Webb of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb. A tie-in to the television series That Mitchell and Webb Look, it was released by Fourth Estate Ltd in September 2009 in the UK, and January 2010 in the USA. It contains material expanding the lives and stories of some of the characters from their BBC Radio 4 sketch show, That Mitchell and Webb Sound, such as Ted and Peter, two alcoholic ex-snooker players turned commentators. The book features a supposed interview with "Peter DeCoursey" (the commentator's full name) in which he reveals that he is gay and poses for some photos. Of Ted it features a tabloid-style tour of his house and interviews with himself and his fifth wife, Asti. It also contains some features made for the book only, like the pitch of the non-existent television sitcom You Know Who Your Mates Are, a parody of working class sitcoms written by out-of-touch middle class people. It is written in a deliberately bad way for comic effect.

It also parodies many real people and cultural artifacts such as: Rupert Murdoch, Barbara Dickson, Radiohead, Virginia Bottomley, The Doctor, Douglas Hogg, Darth Vader, James Bond, Bill Clinton, Paul Daniels, Martin Amis, Bullitt, the BBC, Genghis Khan, The Guardian and its journalists, The Queen, ET, David Starkey, George Orwell, Alan Bennett, David Mitchell, Harold Pinter, British tabloids, Lost in Translation, Sir Isaac Newton, Helen Keller, Dannii Minogue, Robert Webb, Marilyn Monroe, Outbreak, David Beckham, Hitler, Paul McKenna, David Dickinson, Schindler's List, Primo Levi, Charlie Chaplin, David Caruso, The Mighty Boosh, William Shakespeare, The Blairs, Michael Sheen, Sting, Umberto Eco, Florence Nightingale, Margaret Thatcher, Charlemagne, T. S. Eliot, Peter Mandelson, Keith Harris and James Blunt.