This Moment to Be Free

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This Moment to Be Free, released on the 37 Records label, is the fourth studio album recorded by jazz singer Cris Barber. The CD was released in May 2008. Two advance tracks received nominations for the Orange County Music Awards that same year. The album was produced by Barber and Ryan Hafer, with arrangements by Barber and jazz pianist Karen Hammack. The album marks the second collaboration between Barber and Hafer, who worked together on Barber's previous album, Comes Love (2006). The backing musicians were recorded at Sounden Studios in San Clemente, California, and The Tone Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada, with vocals recorded at Secret Ninja Studios in Westminster, California.

Track listing[edit]


  • Cris Barber – Vocals
  • Karen Hammack – Piano
  • Barry Cogert – Bass
  • Aldo Bentivegna – Drums
  • Greg Vail – Sax and Flute
  • Jamie Findlay – Guitar
  • Kurt Rasmussen – Percussion
  • Mark Barnes – B3 Organ
  • Laurie Morvan – Guitar ("Family Line")