This Time – The First Four Years

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This Time - The First Four Years
This Time - The First Four Years (album) coverart.jpg
Compilation album by Culture Club
Released 6 April 1987
Recorded 1982-1986
Genre New wave, pop, rock, reggae, country, blue-eyed soul
Length 48:07 (LP);
62:15 (CD/MC)
Label Virgin
Epic (US)
Producer Steve Levine
Culture Club chronology
From Luxury to Heartache
(1986)From Luxury to Heartache1986
This Time - The First Four Years
At Worst... The Best of Boy George and Culture Club
(1993)At Worst... The Best of Boy George and Culture Club1993
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[1]

This Time – The First Four Years is the first official greatest hits album by British new wave group Culture Club, released by Virgin Records on 6 April 1987. Its release came one year after the band had split up.


The compilation exclusively includes, in its vinyl edition, Culture Club's most successful hits. The one track which was never available in single format is "Black Money" (originally on the band's second album, Colour by Numbers), which was intended to be released to promote this collection, but never actually came out. The album includes a wide selection of tracks taken from all their albums (including more than half the tracks from the Colour by Numbers album), as well as the group's contribution to the Electric Dreams film soundtrack; "Love Is Love". For many countries, it was the first time that their hit "Time (Clock of the Heart)" was included on an album.

Two additional tracks are featured on the CD and cassette version: the remix of "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" and a medley segueing the remixes of "It's a Miracle" and "Miss Me Blind".

The bulk of these tracks would be re-issued on numerous compilations for years after.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Karma Chameleon" - 4:01 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss/Pickett) from Colour by Numbers
  2. "Church of the Poison Mind" - 3:31 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Colour by Numbers
  3. "Miss Me Blind" - 4:29 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Colour by Numbers
  4. "Time (Clock of the Heart)" - 3:43 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Kissing to Be Clever
  5. "It's a Miracle" - 3:25 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss/Pickett) from Colour by Numbers
  6. "Black Money" - 5:19 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Colour by Numbers
  7. "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" - 4:24 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Kissing to Be Clever
  8. "Move Away" - 4:10 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss/Pickett) from From Luxury to Heartache
  9. "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" - 2:35 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Kissing to Be Clever
  10. "Love Is Love" - 3:52 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Electric Dreams
  11. "The War Song" - 3:59 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Waking Up with the House on Fire
  12. "Victims" - 4:55 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) from Colour by Numbers
  13. "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" (U.S. 12" Remix) - 4:40 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss) [CD/MC bonus track] from Kissing to Be Clever
  14. "It's a Miracle/Miss Me Blind" (U.S. 12" Remix) - 9:12 (O'Dowd/Hay/Craig/Moss/Pickett) [CD/MC bonus track] from Colour by Numbers




Release details[edit]

Country Date Label Format Catalogue N°
UK 1987 Virgin CD CDVTV 1
vinyl LP VTV 1


Chart Position
UK Albums Chart[2] 8


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