This Weekend (film)

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This Weekend
Directed by Tinu Verma
Produced by Tinu Verma
Starring Arjun
Bianca Desai
Sayali bhagat
Music by Vijay Verma
Cinematography Rajendra Prasath
Release date
17 February 2012[1]
Country India
Language Hindi

This Weekend is a 2012 Hindi action thriller directed by Bollywood fame stunt director Tinu Verma.It stars Arjun and Sayali Bhagat in lead roles.Vijay Verma composed music of this movie.The movie received negative reviews and was a failure at the box office.It was dubbed in Tamil as Kattupuli.

The film was shot in Hindi, with a few scenes reshot in Tamil and Telugu for alternate language versions.



Dr Sanjay (Arjun) goes on a picnic with his wife Dr Shivani (Bianca Desai) and daughter Anjali (Dhanya). They lose their way and get struck in the forest. They are joined by two lover couples. They bond with each other and share their past. They encounter troubles in the form of a gang who bays for their blood. It is revealed that they are a notorious gang involved in organ trade. The onus is on Dr Sanjay to get them out of trouble.

Arjun played a doctor character while Baby Dhanya played the role of their daughter in Kattu Puli. Mr India title winner Rajneesh, Miss India Sayali Bagath, Miss Assam Hanaya - Ameet Dawar, and Jahan - Jennifer are playing important characters in this movie.

It is notable that Tinu Verma has won film fare awards 7 times for his outstanding stunt choreography.


The film passed the censor with an 'A' certificate. The censor had given this certificate after almost 14 cuts for a lip lock scene of Jahan and Jennifer. The director Tinu Verma had no other way to accept the cut as audience in all age groups should watch and enjoy the movie.


Kaattu Puli fetched negative reviews from the critics. The film due to its Adult rating had a poor opening at the box office and was a critical disaster.[2][3][4]