This Is the Day (album)

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This is the Day
This is the Day.jpg
Studio album by Christy Moore
Released 2001
Genre Folk
Label Sony
Christy Moore chronology
This is the Day
Live at Vicar Street
(2002)Live at Vicar Street2002

This is the Day is an album released by Irish folk singer/songwriter Christy Moore in 2001.

It contains a tribute to Veronica Guerin, an Irish journalist who was murdered in 1996 by drug dealers. Moore also covers the song "Victor Jara", a tribute to the Chilean folk singer with lyrics by Adrian Mitchell and music by Arlo Guthrie.[1] The song makes reference to the brutal murder of Jara during the Chilean coup of 1973.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "How Long"
  2. "So Do I"
  3. "Johnny Don't Go To Ballincollig"
  4. "Veronica"
  5. "Jack Doyle" (AKA "The Contender")
  6. "Compañeros"
  7. "Cry Like A Man"
  8. "A Stitch In Time"
  9. "Victor Jara"
  10. "Scallcrows"
  11. "The Pipers Path"