This Is The Sharp

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This is the Sharp
Studio album by The Sharp
Released September 6, 1993 (1993-09-06)
Recorded 1993
Genre Rock
Length 46:24
Label EastWest/Warner Music Australia/WOW Productions
Producer Peter Farnan
The Sharp chronology
This is the Sharp
Sonic Tripod
(1994)Sonic Tripod1994

This is the Sharp is the debut album by Australian pop-rock band The Sharp. It was recorded at Platinum Studios in Melbourne, Australia, except for track 10 which was recorded in the flat of one of the band members above a flower shop in Collingwood.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Scratch My Back" (Sung by Allen & Charlie)
  2. "Talking Sly" (Sung by Allen & Charlie)
  3. "Train Of Thought" (Sung by Allen & Charlie)
  4. "Don't Waste My Time" (Sung by Charlie with Allen backing)
  5. "Kiss Me Again" (Sung by Allen with Charlie backing)
  6. "Yeah I Want You" (Sung by Charlie with Allen backing)
  7. "Caught In The Deep" (Sung by Allen and Charlie)
  8. "Closer" (Sung by Charlie with Allen's whistling solo)
  9. "Waiting For The Next Thing To Happen" (Sung by Piet with Allen & Charlie backing)
  10. "Dark Sunglasses" (Sung by Charlie with Allen & Piet backing)
  11. "Love Kiss" (Sung by Allen & Charlie)
  12. "You Don't Know Me" (Sung by Charlie with Allen backing)
  13. "Can I Love" (Sung by Charlie & Allen)
  14. "Closer (Reprise)"

Track 14 is a reprise version of "Closer" with the dropping of a double bass at the end.