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Thistletown are a psychedelic folk band from Falmouth, Cornwall.

They came to public attention through a Guardian Newspaper column by Will Hodgkinson concerning his year-long project to start a record label, after he saw them playing in The Jacobs Ladder pub in Falmouth. The band lived together on a boat, and formed due to a collective love of obscure 1970's folk bands such as 'Heron' and 'Trees'.[1] They recorded an album, 'Rosemarie', named after their boat, in the garden of a Cornish cottage with Circulus main man, Michael Tyack, and Benet Walsh producing.[2] The album was well received by the press, receiving 4 stars from The Times,[3] along with 'Mojo' magazine, 'Record Collector' and others.

The band played at Green Man Festival in 2007, and Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank afterward declared them the "Kings and Queens of the Green Man", announcing, "They're so folky it hurts".[4]

The group disbanded in 2008.[5] They briefly reformed in 2010.


  • Rosemarie (2008, Big Bertha Records)

Band members up until 2008[edit]

Andrew Jarvis - Trumpet, Drums, Harmonium, Accordion. Lydia Thistle - Vocals, percussion. Tiffany Bryant - Vocals, percussion, Flute. Ben Tweddell - Guitar. Matthew Bennett - Drums and Percussion. Al Davies - Bass. Michael Tyack - Saz, Lute, Cittern, electric guitar. Benet Walsh - Bass, Mandolin, Clarinet. Mikey the dog - Vibes.


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