Thoma Orollogaj

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Thoma Orollogaj
Këlçyra, Frashëri, Orollogaj.jpg
Balli Kombëtar leaders Ali Këlcyra, Mit'hat Frashëri, Thoma Orollogaj (from left to right) in Berat
Minister of Justice of Albanian Kingdom
In office
November 9, 1936 – June 3, 1938
Member of Parliament of Albanian Kingdom (Deputy of Korçë)
In office
Personal details
Born 1888
Korçë, Manastir Vilayet, Ottoman Empire (modern Albania)
Died 1947
People's Republic of Albania
Nationality Albania Albanian

Thoma Orollogaj (1888–1947) was an Albanian jurist, politician and resistance fighter of World War II.


Born in 1888 in Korçë, in the Manastir Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire (present-day southern Albania) he studied law in Athens and Paris.[1] After finishing his studies he returned to Korçë, where he worked as a lawyer and supported Kostaq Kota's efforts for independence of the area from French rule.[2] In 1927 he became a member of the law reform committee of Albania and a professor of law at the school of law of Tiranë.[1]

In 1931 he became the president of the civil code reforms committee, while a year later he was elected deputy of Korçë in the Albanian parliament.[2] During Kostaq Kota's second premiership he became minister of justice. After Albania's occupation by Italy during World War II he joined Balli Kombëtar and was elected a member of its central committee.[1] In 1943 he was a representative of Balli Kombëtar at the Mukje Agreement. In 1944 he became for the second time minister of justice of Albania in the first government after the German defeat. After the consolidation of power by the Party of Labour of Albania, he was accused because of his collaboration with axis forces and executed in September 1947.[2]


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