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Advert for Thomas Astley at the Dolphin and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard, London, 1727

Thomas Astley (died 1759) was a bookseller and publisher in London in the 18th century.[1] He ran his business from Saint Paul's Churchyard (circa 1736-1742) and Paternoster Row (circa 1745).[2] He belonged to the Company of Stationers.[3] He published the celebrated[4] Voyages and Travels which described localities in Africa and Asia, compiling information from travel books by John Atkins, Jean Barbot, Willem Bosman, Theodor de Bry, Francis Moore,[5] Jean-Baptiste Labat, Godefroi Loyer, Thomas Phillips, William Smith, and Nicolas Villaut de Bellefond.[6] It included engravings by G. Child and Nathaniel Parr.[7][8] Astley intended his Voyages to improve upon the previous travel collections of Samuel Purchas, John Harris, and Awnsham & John Churchill.[9] It was read by patrons of Hookham's Circulating Library, Boosey's circulating library,[10] London Institution, Royal Institution, Salem Athenaeum, and Cape Town public library.[11] Astley's Voyages was translated into German (Schwabe (1747–1774), Allgemeine Historie der Reisen, Leipzig) and French (Prévost (1746–1789), Histoire des voyages, Paris).[12]

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