Thomas Atcitty

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Thomas Edward Atcitty Sr.
3rd President of the Navajo Nation
In office
February 19, 1998[1] – July 23, 1998[2]
Vice President Milton Bluehouse Sr.
Preceded by Albert Hale
Succeeded by Milton Bluehouse Sr.
Personal details
Born 11 October 1933
Shiprock, New Mexico
Nationality  Navajo Nation and
Spouse(s) Vicky (Vivianita) Atcitty nee Herrera
Occupation Government Educator, Businessman, Politician, Sheepherder, Farmer

Thomas Atcitty (born 11 October 1933) was the third president of the Navajo Nation, serving from February 1998 until June 1998.

Atcitty, an enrolled member of the Navajo Tribe, is the second of twelve children born to James and Priscilla (nee Clahchischilly) Atcitty. A US Marine Corps veteran and graduated from Taylor University, Atcitty was instrumental in bringing a Fedmart store to Window Rock, Arizona in the 1960s, which provided economic growth for the tribe.

He served as the Vice President and President of the Navajo Community College (now named Dine College), the only American Indian-operated college in the United States. He also served as the headmaster of the Navajo Academy in Farmington, New Mexico.

Atcitty was elected Vice President of the Navajo Nation in 1995, with Albert Hale inaugurated as President. However, in February 1998 Hale stepped down from office because of scandals including spending inappropriately, taking gifts and a sexual affair while in office. Atcitty was sworn in to serve the rest of the term. In July 1998, Atcitty was forced to resign as well, for accepting corporate gifts.[3]


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