Thomas Baines Nature Reserve

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Thomas Baines Nature Reserve
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
Map showing the location of Thomas Baines Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Thomas Baines Nature Reserve
Location Eastern Cape, South Africa
Nearest city Grahamstown
Coordinates 33°23′28″S 26°29′13″E / 33.3910°S 26.487°E / -33.3910; 26.487[1]Coordinates: 33°23′28″S 26°29′13″E / 33.3910°S 26.487°E / -33.3910; 26.487[1]
Area 1,005 ha (2,480 acres)
Established 1961

Thomas Baines Nature Reserve is a 1,005-hectare (2,480-acre) nature reserve in Eastern Cape, South Africa that is managed by Eastern Cape Parks. It was created as a municipal reserve in 1961 and upgraded to a provincial reserve in 1980.[2]

The northern shore of the Settlers Dam forms the southern boundary of the reserve.

Fauna: African buffalo, Chacma baboon, Common eland, Greater kudu, Oribi.[3]

Activities: Game drives, canoeing, camping, bird watching, sailing, bass fishing, environmental education, hiking.[3]

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