Thomas Bentley

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Thomas Bentley
Born 1884
London, England
Died 1966
Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Occupation Film director
Years active 1912 - 1951

Thomas Bentley (1884 – 1966) was a British film director. He directed 68 films between 1912 and 1941. He directed three films in the early DeForest Phonofilm sound-on-film process, The Man in the Street (1926), The Antidote (1927), and Acci-Dental Treatment (1928).

Bentley was born in London and originally trained as an engineer, but went on to become a vaudeville performer well known for impersonating the characters from the novels of Charles Dickens on stage. His directing career in silent films began in 1910 with his adaptations of a number of Dickens' novels to film. After his retirement from directing in 1941 he became technical advisor to the British Film Council.

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