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The Gigantic History of the Two Famous Giants

Thomas Boreman was one of the earliest English children's book publishers.[1][2][2]

His Three Hundred Animals was published ca 1730.[3] Boreman's earliest works included his 1740 Gigantick Histories, miniature books with illustrations and a list of subscribing readers, including the names of children as well as parents. He followed this two-volume publication with Curiosities in the Tower of London, with illustrations of animals in the Tower Zoo.

Illustration from Three Hundred Animals

He published approximately a dozen titles. In 1742, he produced a book purporting to be the biography of Daniel Cajanus, The History of Cajanus, the Swedish Giant, from his Birth to the Present Time.


From the preface to Gigantic History:

"During the Infant-Age, ever busy and always inquiring, there is no fixing the attention of the mind, but by amusing it."


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