Thomas Bowman Stephenson

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Thomas Bowman Stephenson
Stephenson RevBowman.jpg
Rev. Thomas Bowman Stephenson
President of the Methodist Conference
In office
Preceded byWilliam Fiddian Moulton
Succeeded byJames Harrison Rigg
Personal details
Born22 December 1839
Died6 July 1912 (1912-07-07) (aged 72)
OccupationMethodist minister

Thomas Bowman Stephenson ( 22 December 1839 – 6 July 1912) was a Methodist minister.

He founded what was to become the National Children's Home in 1869.[1] He later founded the Wesleyan Deaconesses in 1890.[2] In 1891 he was elected President of the Methodist Conference.[3] He was a member of the London School Board. From 1902 to 1907 he was warden of the Methodist Deaconess Training College at Ilkley, West Yorkshire.[4]

He retired in 1907 and died in London on 6 July 1912. He is buried in City of London Cemetery.[5]


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