Thomas Chaye Beale

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Not to be confused with Thomas Beale.

Thomas Chaye Beale was a Scottish merchant operating in the Far East during the 19th century.


Thomas Chaye was a cousin of opium trader and merchant Daniel Beale and his brother Thomas Beale.[1] As early as 1826 he was a partner in the trading firm of Magniac & Co. in Canton, China. In the 1830s he left Magniacs and operated on his own until 1845 when he established the Shanghai based agency house of Dent, Beale & Co. with Lancelot Dent. By 1851 Beale was Portuguese Consul and Dutch Vice Counsel in the city.[2]

He is buried in the Shantung Road Cemetery in Shanghai and there is a memorial to him in the church of St. Mary the Virgin in Brettenham, Suffolk.


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